Block Party in a Box / everything you need to plan and execute a successful block party

01. What Size of Party?

illustration of party hats

We all refer to the places we live in different ways. From streets to blocks, neighbourhoods and communities, the places we call home vary in size, diversity, urban form, and vibrancy.

Just like the places we call home, a block party can take on many different forms. The first step in planning a successful block party is deciding on the scale of the party you wish to throw.

  • Street party – you could close down the street and allow the children in the neighbourhood to play.
  • Front lawn party – you could relax with neighbours and friends on a front lawn.
  • Public space party – you could hold a neighbourhood-wide event in a local park, parking lot, or other publicly accessible space.
  • Back yard party – you could have a good time in the comfort of a familiar place.

Only you will know which is the best fit for your specific location and circumstance. Choose the scale of party that’s appropriate for you to take on.