Block Party in a Box / everything you need to plan and execute a successful block party

04. Feeding the Masses

illustration of a man BBQing

People get hungry; this is a fact of life. This applies to people attending block parties as well. Because you shouldn’t need to break your own bank account to make your party a success, we have a few suggestions when it comes to arranging food for your block party:

Your local supermarket or grocery store may be willing to support your block party by providing food.

Make your block party a potluck. Have everyone who is coming bring something to share with others. Be sure to stay mindful of food allergies.

If you’re looking to do the cooking you’re best to stick with things that are easy and affordable that can be made in large quantities.

If you’re planning an event that takes place over a longer period of time be conscious of your food storage. You wouldn’t want any food to go to waste.